Who is behind Little Red Toaster Designs?

Me - My name is Brian and I am a full time Product Manager in the IoT / Smart Home Automation world. I am Little Red Toaster Designs and have supported 3D Printers, Hobbyists and Makers since 2004.

Back in school I was always tinkering with something, whether that be CarPCs (custom in-dash computer touchscreens, before cars had touch screen interfaces), TV PCs (embedded Windows Media Center PCs for flat panel TVs, before TVs were “smart TVs”) and other custom/niche devices that sparked my interest and filled a very small gap in the tech industry.

I have worked for a handful of the largest and most well-known tech companies out there, but always found that my day job didn’t exercise the areas of my brain and give me the chance to stretch the creative muscles that get me up in the morning. 

I started this business because my passion and interests for gadgetry, gaming and art are so broad that they don’t fit into any job description out there. Little Red Toaster Designs is my way of corralling my interests into an online shop & blog to explore the projects that excite me in such a way that I want to inspire and share them with others.

Based in Northern VA, I can help you with custom modeling, 3D printing parts and supplies, retro arcade systems, home theater and more.